March 2, 2016
Less is More hair care review

Last week I received a parcel from the organic hair care brand Less is More. I have seen & heard a lot about this brand before, but this was my first experience with Less is More hair care: time for a review…

In 2005, Hannes Trummer opened a small hair salon with big ambitions in the centre of Vienna. With the salon itself, he achieved the first realisation of the Less is More concept. This is expressed in the highly simplified architecture and layout. The time was ripe for an expansion of the concept when Dr. Doris Brandhuber, a chemist and aroma therapist, first crossed his path. In order to meet the Less is More standard for honest and healthy hair cosmetics, they would obviously have to create their own formulas.

According to the brand, the formulas only contain natural ingredients, chosen for their effectiveness, purity and optimal tolerance by both skin and the environment: obtained from renewable sources, and from certified organic growers wherever possible, they are quickly and completely biodegradable.

They use pure essential oils, bioactive plant oils and butter, aloe vera juice, herbal extracts and more beneficial ingredients for the hair and scalp. All of the products are free from synthetic preservatives, fragrance, silicones, parabens and sulphates. I personally don’t mind any synthetic ingredients, but Less is More is all about being green.

The first thing that grabbed my eye was the beautiful packaging. The italic Less is More logo, sleek use of black and white, combined with a hint of colour really sets the brand apart.


I have been asking myself this question for quite a long time and Less is More has given an appropriate answer. Organic farming prioritises the sustainable use of resources, taking the material and natural cycle into particular consideration – biological agriculture means recycling management. As few nutrients as possible are lost, as few as possible must be added. The environmental footprint is thus kept as low as possible.

It is clear that organic products are far better for the environment, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are better for your hair and scalp. However, if you want to support the environment in any way you can, organic beauty would be your call.


Less is More offers products for varying hair and scalp types. The shampoos do not contain any kind of sulphates (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate) and the conditioners are free from silicones and use virgin plant oils instead for a feeling of silkiness. The same rule applies to the leave-in and styling products. Plant essences form the basis of their care complexes:

Aloe Mint Volume: Aloe Vera juice, moisturising for hair and scalp, promotes cell renewal in the skin, cooling & soothing. It also contains peppermint essential oil to refresh and cleanse.

Cajeput Pure BalancePurest essential oil obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and branches. Clear, warm-herbal aroma. Clarifying and nerve strengthening.

Mallowsmooth: Mallow root extract. Even in the old days the hairy leaves and the roots of the mallow plant were treasured for their high content on mucilage. They silken, calm and add moisture.

Lindengloss: Linden flower obtained by steam distillation of the flowers. Delicately scented with a relaxing, skin soothing effect.

Neem scalp relieve: Neem originally from India, where its varied benefits have been known for centuries, also known in some places as the ‘miracle tree’. Helps with a variety of skin problems, including dandruff.

Less is More hair care review

Less is More sent me a few products to try. First up are the Aloe Mint volume shampoo and the Thyme Lacque hairspray.


This shampoo was designed for fine to normal, oily hair. According to Less is More, it contains a vitalizing sulfate-free formula, which should give volume to fine to normal hair and has a refreshing and clarifying effect on the scalp. Key ingredients are aloe vera juice, forest honey and horsetail extract.

I usually use shampoos containing sulphates, so it was quite a new experience to try a sulfate-free formula. Nevertheless, the shampoo lathers incredibly well and leaves my hair feeling clean and shiny. The consistency seems a bit odd at first, as it’s runny, but you only need a small amount for it to work properly. As for the peppermint extract, it leaves a tingling sensation on my scalp, whereas the scent is a fresh, subtle fragrance.

Does this shampoo give me any volume? Only a little bit, to be completely honest with you. It doesn’t have the va-va-voom factor on me like I have experienced before with other shampoos, but overall, it’s a good every day shampoo.


I am obsessed with this styling product! This is the most natural hair spray I have ever tried and smelled. It makes my hair shiny, gives it a soft hold and doesn’t have the typical L’Oréal Elnett scent to it. I would say it’s more of a mist than a spray, which I personally prefer.

Less is More hair care review

Next up are the Lindengloss shampoo for colour-treated hair and Protein spray for heat protection.


The Lindengloss shampoo is specifically designed for damaged, colour-treated hair. In other words, my hair fits the bill perfectly! Contrary to the Aloe Mint Volume shampoo, this one doesn’t lather as much and is much more moisturising. I personally wouldn’t use this every day, as it tends to weigh my hair down. However, keep in mind that I have fine, thin hair. I would say this shampoo is more suitable and beneficial for someone with thicker, coarser hair.


The protein spray is suitable for all hair types and meant to protect the hair and scalp from styling heat. Like all Less is More products, it smells very green to me (in a good way) and works nicely. I spray it onto damp hair, comb it through evenly and then blowdry my hair. My hair is visibly softer and free from unwanted fly-aways.


  • Aloe Mint Volume Shampoo: 25,00 euro / 200 ml
  • Lindengloss Shampoo for Colour Treated hair: 25,00 euro / 200 ml
  • Thyme Lacque Hairspray: 26,00 euro / 150 ml
  • Protein Spray: 25,00 euro / 150 ml


After trying these hair care products for a certain time, I can say that I am overall impressed by Less is More hair care. The styling products are definitely worth to be considered more, although the shampoos are good as well. In case you only use natural, organic beauty brands, this may be your thing. Before purchasing full-sized products, I would recommend trying their travel sizes, to be sure whether the products will fit your hair’s needs.

Have you tried Less is More hair care before?

Much love,


These products were sent to me to review. My opinion is entirely my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

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