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May 16, 2016
Beauty storage ideas

A common request from all of you was an article on my beauty storage. As you know, I’m infatuated with interior decor (Pinterest!) and thus I try to make everything look nice & neat. There are a million ways to store your beauty products, but my current beauty storage has never let me down as I am able to find everything quickly. Let’s find out how I’m storing (or hoarding) my beauty products at the moment…

What I find most important about storing beauty products is to keep my products clean and tidy. Especially with luxury products, I can’t bear to toss them all in a drawer and take them out when needed. Instead, I like to either display them beautifully or tuck them away safely for every day use. Therefore I have been using the MUJI Acrylic Box Drawers for years now – easy, minimal and they are SO handy! Perfect for small beauty items, especially make-up products.

One thing that I like to do is to occasionally switch up my decor on these MUJI boxes, as anything looks good! I shared some tips & tricks on this before, and the same rules apply to this as well.

Beauty storage ideas(Candle) jars: When it comes to tubes, I love to put these in beautiful jars such as this marble one from H&M Home (not available anymore). Simple designs usually work best as the tubes are printed already! Empty Diptyque, Jo Malone and Byredo candle jars can also serve another purpose by storing cotton swabs/pads in them – it looks lovely, too.

Trays: Trays are absolutely the best way to beautifully display your most beloved possessions. Marble, porcelain, round, glass, … – you choose, you win! Trays keep your products nicely together and can be literally put anywhere. One for the sink (skin care), one on the vanity (make-up) and so forth. To be honest, it makes you look like you know what you’re doing as well. Your favourite night cream on a tray? You got your stuff together!

Drawer inserts: In case you’d like to store your products in a cabinet or closet, make sure to get a few drawer inserts as well. I love these clear ones by MUJI, as they offer a lot of space and look nice too.

Beauty storage ideasStyling: Styling your beauty storage is a thing that you have to learn through practice. But the items that are listed above will help you on your way swiftly. For instance, if you have a marble tray, you can simply put a sleek bottle of perfume on it, along with an empty candle jar, jewelry and a few beauty items you use every day. Try to create a specific colour palette and make it work. Another essential tip is to try to stick to one area of your space; don’t have your beauty products fleeting around everywhere. I keep a few on my desk, dressing table and nightstand, which is more than enough.

Bits and bobs: I probably say this too often, but pretty bits and bobs make your space personal. I wish I could do the whole monochrome thing, but I can’t. Perhaps in the future I will, but for now, I like to add a bit of colour and personality. My advice: display your rings, don’t throw away pretty boxes/bags and make us of exclusive magazine editions. Don’t throw away what you might consider to be garbage, as it can make your space complete. Are you a big fan of Miu Miu? Keep the pink Miu Miu shopping bag or box and sort it nicely along with other items. The key here is to not overdo it. Once your space starts looking like a warehouse, it’s time to re-evaluate your possessions (thanks, Marie Kondo!).

What does your beauty storage look like? If you have any tips, share them below!

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