April 14, 2016
LUSH Dear John Perfume Review

As you may know, I’m incredibly fond of niche fragrances. It comes as no surprise then that I decided to add LUSH’s Dear John perfume to my collection! I’m happy to say that I’m actually giving one away – find out how you can win this gorgeous fragrance!


Last year I visited the LUSH flagship store on Oxford Street, which was absolutely insane, and decided to take some exclusives with me that are not available in the Netherlands. One of them was the Dear John cologne: a unisex fragrance, featuring vetivert, cedar, clove, coffee, coriander, lime and pine. It’s a unique and lovely blend – Byredo’s Sunday Cologne strongly reminds me of this fragrance. The biggest difference is that Dear John is a bit more woody, aromatic and special (more on that later!).

Dear John is an assuring, manly fragrance, loved by women and men. Evocative of cosy, relaxing nights in a log cabin, cedarwood gives it a calming, earthy scent. It also has a warm citrus splash with a strong coffee note and a hint of pine and tobacco from smoky vetivert. Notes: lime, pine, coffee, clove, cedarwood, coriander, vetivert.

When I sprayed this fragrance on for the first time, I immediately noticed the three layers. This is a perfume that really expands and develops slowly throughout the day, allowing you to enjoy every note in there. The citrus element comes first, but after a while, I can detect the subtle coffee scent. The warmth and spice of the coffee blend beautifully with the vetivert and cedar that are inside as well, making this a fragrance you would smell naturally in a pine forest on a cold day.

Even though the fragrance might sound a bit dominant, it’s surprisingly light. The sales associate told me it was developed to remind you of beautiful memories. The clove oil in here really does that: it takes your mind off everything and leads you back to the past. A true concoction that you could pass on to any family member. Not only the fragrance, but also the packaging definitely contributes to this. The handwritten font, purple dots make it look like the perfumers created this while keeping their loved ones in mind – to express all the memories they shared in one exquisite bottle. Perhaps this is the reason why the perfume fades throughout the day, as the lemon and ginger wear off and become memories.

Dear John belongs to LUSH’s general Gorilla Perfume collection and I have to say that this might be their best fragrance yet, along with another perfume called All Good Things. I can smell the rawness, freshness, creativity in Dear John which I don’t detect very often compared to the other LUSH fragrances.

LUSH’s Dear John cologne (50 ml) retails for 53,00 euro and is available online at LUSH UK or in-store at LUSH Oxford Street and the Gorilla Perfume shop in Camden.

In case you don’t live in London, it’s your lucky day! I’m thrilled to be giving away this exquisite fragrance to one of my readers. Find the details on how to win below!


How to participate:

  1. Like ADYSS MEETS on Facebook (if you don’t have Facebook, you can follow me on Instagram instead to qualify)
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post below – that’s it!

The rules above are the only requirements to enter this contest. However, you can DOUBLE your chances by following me on Instagram or any other social media website (Bloglovin’, Tumblr or Pinterest). In case you want to TRIPLE your chances, you will have to share this blog post, using one of the social media buttons on the right hand side, under this blog post.

The contest is open worldwide and I will ship the item myself. The giveaway will run from today until the 28th of April. The winner will be selected randomly by use of a generator. I will contact the winner per email, so make sure you leave your correct email address below! Good luck!

Much love,


As stated above, the winner will be selected randomly and contacted per email. You have one week to reply, otherwise I will have to pick another winner instead. Once the item has been shipped, the responsibility lies with the courier. ADYSS MEETS is not responsible for any damage or loss during shipping.

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