April 27, 2016
3 hand creams to try

Good morning, everyone! It’s almost the weekend! The weather has been insane this week – snow, hail and rain. Who could ever imagine this as it’s almost May?! Nevertheless, my hands have gotten quite dry and parched because of it and I’m definitely someone who has a hand cream obsession. A little roundup of my favourite hand creams seemed appropriate…

From left to right:

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm (23,00 euro) – Isn’t this pastel pink tube to die for? I remember this to be my first Aesop product and I haven’t stopped using this goodness ever since. It has a light citrus scent, hydrates intensely but leaves no greasy film at all. To be even more specific, this cream absorbs in less than a minute! The only drawback here is the (beautiful) packaging: the tube can get a few dents here and there if you put it in your bag. My suggestion is to protect it by keeping it in an interior zip pocket or something similar – it’s too good not to use!

LUSH Love and Light Hand Cream (13,95 euro) – Not many products match their given title, but this one definitely does. Nothing else than love and light describe this beautiful mix of neroli and cocoa butter better! I would say that this hand cream is more hydrating than the one from Aesop, but therefore it takes longer to absorb as well. I like to use it as the last step of my evening routine to guarantee soft paws for the next morning.

LUSH Tiny Hands Serum (7,95 euro) – OK, don’t judge me – apparently this incredible hand serum is no longer available at LUSH and I forgot about it completely. However, some of you might be familiar with the LUSH Kitchen (exclusive/non-store LUSH products that are sold and based on a weekly menu) and that’s the best bet to try if you want to get your hands (teehee) on this. I only really use this for moments that my hands are on the verge of cracking or simply for the gorgeous scent that consists of vanilla, camomile and marigold. As it’s a serum, you would expect to apply a cream afterwards, but that’s simply too much goodness to handle! I melt the little bar between my hands and leave it to absorb for a while – that’s it.

Do you have a favourite hand cream?

Much love,


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