April 29, 2016
Styling shelves

Styling shelves is one of the hardest things I have come across. But what I find is that switching up a few bits and bobs can really freshen up any space. Keeping Spring in mind, I decided to go for a lot of pastel coloured items in my interior at the moment. Here are my tips & tricks to make your shelves the centre of attention…

Before we delve ourselves into the tips & tricks, I just want to mention that this post is not specifically aimed at styling String pocket shelves. However, these shelves are my absolute favourites and worth every penny! The best thing about them is that you can rearrange the shelves and put them as high or low as you want.

Styling String shelvesGreenery: Nothing more than a few little plants or cactus pots can brighten up your shelves. Pops of green make a space look more ”alive” and they can be pretty inexpensive too! Make sure to check what your plants need in terms of light & water, as you don’t want your leafy friends to die.

Sets of boxes: Boxes such as these pastel coloured ones by HAY look nice & tidy on your shelves. Also, they are great for storage – I always put stuff in mine that I don’t really use or need, but don’t want to have lying around.

Ornaments: Pretty ornaments such as candles give a luxurious vibe (especially under a dome) and always look nicely among other objects. With so many brands nowadays, you can easily find any candle that matches your décor. Personally, I love the ones by Diptyque and Byredo as they smell great and come in different sizes, too.

Styling String shelvesStatement pieces: Statement pieces may be the best way to get the most out of your shelves. Items such as the wooden HAY hand and black Vitra bird capture your eye immediately and offer a fun twist to the standard arrangement of objects. But don’t go overboard on statement pieces – remember, less is more!

Exclusive shopping bags: Am I the only one who has a hard time throwing away a pink Acne Studios paper bag or the black & white Diptyque one after making a purchase? Perhaps I am, but I found a great way to use them by displaying these shopping bags on your shelves. Even though I don’t have any of those on my shelves at the moment, I do have one on my dressing table instead.

Styling String shelves Coordination: As we all know, 1 + 1 = 2 and you can apply this rule to styling your shelves. Two boxes together look nicer than one and two cacti are happier than one cactus! It may seem simple, but this rule can have a huge effect on what the end result will look like.

Stacking things: If you’re familiar with my beauty posts, you probably have noticed a few books or magazines stacked in the background with a candle on it. Piles of books, marble trays really capture that effortless style without making it look like clutter. Don’t make it too organised or otherwise, it will look forced and not so pretty to the eye.

Not too much, not too little: In Swedish, the word for this is lagom – aka, balance is key. A pile of magazines on the left and a plant on the right make things look even and easy. What I usually do is trying to find the balance by rearranging items all the time! It may take a while to find balance, but once achieved, you will always be able to change it up swiftly.

Styling String shelvesLast but not least, experiment! Find out what works and what doesn’t work for your interior. I like to move and replace things on my shelves often as I love a fresh view. A vase of fresh flowers and a few new books can make a huge difference to your space!

Do you have any tips & tricks on styling shelves?

Much love,


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