April 8, 2016
Bites We Love review

You all know me, I love snacking. The only issue is that I am very guilty of not always choosing the healthy snacks that are available. Whenever I’m on the go, I tend to overlook the healthy options and choose for something quick and tasty instead. But now, with the Bites We Love concept, I am finally reassured that I can snack responsibly wherever I am…

Bites We Love is a subscription service. The idea behind the service is that you receive a box every week (or every other week), filled with 4 healthy snacks, varying from nuts, seeds, chocolate to superfoods. The best thing about it is that you can pick your own snacks online! Therefore you don’t really have to worry whether you will find them tasty or not. In addition, all of the bites are picked by a team of food experts and most of the bites are vegan as well.


Bites We Love ReviewAlong with the brown recyclable box (that fits through the mailbox), there’s always a white card inside on which the nutritional values and ingredients of the snacks are displayed. Some snacks only contain a few ingredients, like the #35 Chili Mix, which consists of cashew nuts, peanuts and salt. On the other hand, the #21 Hide ‘n Seek almonds contain a lot more!

I decided to pick the most popular snacks to try: Dark Pecan, Hide ‘n Seek Almonds, Chili Mix and Cheeky Apricot. Aren’t the names just cute and witty? They remind me a lot of LUSH actually!

Bites We Love reviewFirst up is the Dark Pecan option, which is my absolute favourite! It’s a tasty mix of cranberries, raisins, pecan nuts and dark chocolate drips. What I love most about it is the broad range of flavours. There’s something sweet (cranberries), salty (pecan nuts) and savoury (dark chocolate). I ate of all these when I was writing posts for the blog – power motivation! Next time I will add these to my Greek yogurt, as I think that would make my breakfast even more enjoyable.

Bites We Love reviewThe Hide ‘n Seek chocolate covered almonds remind me so much of Maltesers, although these are much healthier! Incredibly rich and tasty, these salty almonds are a great alternative to a bar of chocolate, for instance. Also: portion control is a winner here. This is a really good option to have in front of the TV and much better for you than overly salted crisps.

As you may see on the plastic packaging, there’s always an expiry date listed on the back. In case the expiry date falls short or has been reached already when you receive your parcel, Bites We Love will send you a new snack. I haven’t had any kind of issue with the expiry date, though!

Bites We Love reviewThe Chili Mix isn’t as spicy like I’m used to with other brands, which I’m glad about. I personally never find it enjoyable to eat spicy snacks that make your mouth burn – what’s the pleasure in that? I noticed that this mix has a really nice balance of spiciness and saltiness. Also, I think these would be wonderful with some wine and cheese!

Bites We Love reviewLast but not least, there’s the Cheeky Apricot mix, which is the healthiest one of the four. Again, cashew nuts, raisins, almonds and dried apricots make it a tasty option to try. As a child, I always used to eat raisins that were in this little red box, which had a sun wearing sunglasses on it… I can’t remember the name, but I thought it was funny and nostalgic when I opened this mix!


All in all, I can see why everyone is loving this service! Healthy snacks delivered to your doorstep every (other) week – I find it a brilliant idea. You even have the option to send them as a gift, which would make a great present for any foodie in your social circle. At the moment, there are 69 snacks to choose from and they are still creating new ones! I need to try the mango, coconut (I’m all about that coco!) and apple ones – how delicious do those sound? As a vegetarian, I always have to remind myself to eat nuts a few times a week and this just makes it a lot easier.

The only drawback I can mention here is that there’s a lot of use of plastic packaging, which is a waste for the environment. As the box is FSC certified, I’m hoping that the plastic packaging will be changed too in the future.

The Bites We Love subscription service costs 4,95 euro per box. You can choose whether to have it delivered every (other) week and you can cancel the service anytime. The service is currently only available in the Netherlands and Belgium (5,95 euro), but this might change in the future. To order your very first box of happiness, click here!

What kind of snacks do you like most?

Much love,


PS: For anyone wondering, the tea pot in the images is from the brand Marimekko.

This product was sent to me for review. All my opinions are my own. See my disclaimer for more information.

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