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February 6, 2016
Bloomon flower subscription service review

Have you heard of Bloomon yet? I decided to see what the fuss was about by ordering my first bouquet of flowers. Find out more after the jump!

Patrick Hurenkamp and Bart Troost decided to found Bloomon due to people’s complaints of always having to go to the florist for a fresh bouquet. Not anymore: meet Bloomon. Bloomon will deliver your flowers in the evening, directly from the greenkeeper, so freshness is guaranteed. The Dutch company claims they will last for 10 days, according to a flower longevity test. Personally I cannot say anything about the longevity yet, so I will update you on Instagram.

Bloomon is based on a flexible subscription, you can choose whether you would like to receive flowers once a week, every two weeks or on a monthly basis. Alternatively, you can order one bouquet and pause your subscription immediately. The only thing you cannot do is pick and arrange your own bouquet. The bouquets do vary each week, as Bloomon likes to work with seasons. They have a talented team of stylists who have a strong eye for detail.


Bloomon Flower Subscription Review ADYSS MEETS

Last week I ordered my first bouquet of flowers and honestly, I am hooked already. I knew they would be delivered on Thursday, as it is the standard delivery day for my region. They also send you a text message the night before (Wednesday night in my case) to let you know the time slot of delivery. Mine was between 8:30 – 9:30 PM and they were delivered around 8 o’clock. In case you are not home, they will leave the flowers in front of your house in a bucket of water or they will deliver them to your neighbours. I personally never want them to be delivered to my neighbours, so I simply sent Bloomon an email requesting this.

The packaging is adorable, and one of the strong points that sets Bloomon apart. Every delivery comes with a little card that depicts one specific flower of the bouquet, telling you something about its history and how to take care of it.

Pricewise, Bloomon is not cheap but neither is it expensive. If I go to my local florist, I would be spending the same amount of money on such a beautiful bouquet – and Bloomon’s bouquets are more unique. A small bouquet costs 17,95 euro, a medium one costs 21,95 euro and you can order a large one for 27,95 euro. These prices include the evening delivery, lovely packaging and stand-by customer service.

Am I thrilled? I sure am. No more time wasted waiting at the florist nor do I have to rush home for my flowers to be filled with water. They also have a bonus system: every time you receive your bouquet, you are getting a ‘Bloom’. After three months, Bloomon will send you an interior decor gift with your delivery.

However, I do have a minor improvement tip. What I would like to see is an option on how short or long you would like your stems cut. Bloomon always cuts the flowers’ stems before delivery to ensure longevity, but if you use a vase different from theirs, you might want to cut the stems shorter. I like to use my small Muuto vase, but I prefer the medium bouquet to the small one and therefore I have to cut the stems shorter each time. Yes, it is a little bit of extra effort, but there is always room for improvement.

Also, there is always the risk that you might dislike the bouquet. The colours vary from pastel pink to black, so it will not always be your cup of tea.

All in all, Bloomon is a great concept and I am happily subscribed on a monthly basis. The formula works and the marketing, packaging and quality are A+.

In case you are just as excited as I am, you can use my personal link for a free vase with your first order.*

Have you tried Bloomon yet and what are your thoughts on this concept?

Much love,


*I am in no way affiliated with Bloomon nor paid to provide you with this link. My subscription is paid for with my own money and Bloomon does not sponsor me in any way.

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