February 20, 2016
Black weekly planner by Marjolein Delhaas

For me, it’s always essential to carry a weekly planner or journal with me. Recently I purchased a new weekly planner for 2016, featuring gold foil…

Oh my, I do love fresh parchment! Whether it’s books, journals or diaries, sign me up. This black minimal weekly planner by Marjolein Delhaas caught my eye. Simple, sleek, modern. The diary contains a soft cover, file holder and hard back cover. 160 pages for you to jot down on and 32 light orange note pages on which you can draw doodles.

What I like most about it is its size. I can literally keep it in my coat pocket and that’s such a relief: no more space wasted in my bag. Also, the paper is FSC certified which is just as important.

Black weekly planner by Marjolein Delhaas

A long time ago I saw a video online that inspired me to keep writing things down. The interviewer asked people when the last time was they wrote something down. Only very few admitted that they wrote on a daily basis and some of them hadn’t written in years. Isn’t that scary? For me it’s very hard to imagine that mankind may stop writing, something we have been doing since the dawn of time. In a way, the art of writing is connected to all of us. We learn how to write when we are young and develop our own skills. It feels like it has become unpopular to use a pen and it may stop being used at some point in the future.

And even if it comes to that point, I’ll be doodling happily in the meantime.

Much love,


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